About Us

At Yoga Mandala, we believe our role is to guide, support and

hold space for others as we all experience life's journey together.

Yoga unites one's mind, body and soul, and offers a plethora of independent benefits to each:


Our yoga practice, accompanied by meditation and mindfulness, empower students to tap into their own intuition and inner wisdom.  Taking time to clear the mind and calm our senses impacts mental health in a positive way.  Studies have shown that yoga reduces depression and anxiety, relieves stress, strengthens memory, sharpens concentration and ability to focus, minimizes and even dissipates some symptoms of existing mental illness and increases one's mental clarity, calmness, ability to think clearly and process complex situations. Yoga also can be an invaluable resource in overcoming and healing addiction.


Through the physical postures of yoga (asana), along with breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga students move and use their bodies in ways that have lifelong benefits.  Our students often are unaware of many of the less obvious effects of yoga on the body: improved sleep, decreased blood pressure and blood sugar, reduced risk of heart disease, increased circulation, improved digestion, boosted immunity, strengthening of the bones, reduction in chronic back and neck pain, enhanced posture, strengthening of the muscles, stabilization of the joints,  and many more. Increasing body awareness, improving flexibility, mobilizing the spine, along with strengthening the core are focal points of our programs. However, we adapt traditional methods in order to safely meet each client where he is in his journey and to appropriately serve his needs.


We are not our body. We are not our thoughts.  We are the beings that inhabit our bodies and observe our  thoughts.  We are the Soul.  Practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness helps us to live in the moment and to become aware of our present emotions, sensations, thoughts and surroundings, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Our mind embraces quiet moments of thoughtlessness, during which we can focus on our breathing and ourselves, accessing a pathway to our deepest inner selves, which allows meaningful healing to take place. We also develop the ability to feel as though we are a part of the environment around us; we become one with our natural surroundings. Yoga effectively acts as a cleanser and detoxifying agent, showing us the way to not only adopt a calm and tranquil persona, but to truly accept and feel at peace with our inner selves.