About us

Our Mission

We believe our role is to guide, support and hold space for others as we all experience life's journey together. 


Yoga Mandala was born from Founder Dana B.'s desire to genuinely live an authentic, heartfelt life while inspiring and holding space for others to do the same.  After practicing law for almost 14 years, she was tired, burned out and needed something more.  Something deeply fulfilling that fostered personal growth.  Something that encouraged exposure to new people, experiences and ideas while promoting acceptance and inhibiting judgment.  Yoga was the answer!  After obtaining the requisite training and experience, Yoga Mandala was born in an effort to share the gift of yoga with others!


Scroll down to learn more about our teachers and how their varied training, experience and beliefs influence their approach to yoga!  Each of our teachers will provide you with a different, unique class experience!

Dana's Training:
  • 200hr YTT (Radiant Heart Yoga School, Long Beach Island, NJ)
  • 300hr YTT (Yoga Bohemia, Long Beach Island, NJ)
  • Trauma-Informed YTT (Exhale to Inhale, NYC)
  • Kids' Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Bohemia, Long Beach Island, NJ)
  • Horse Yoga Teacher Training (Equine Om, St. Augustine, FL)

My favorite yoga pose is...

"For me, yoga is acceptance."

The practice of yoga has impacted my life...

Andrea's Training:
  • 200 E-RYT (Yoga Center of Medford, Medford, NJ)
  • 300hr YTT in-progress (Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, Camden, NJ)

My favorite pose is Trikonasana (Triangle) although I struggle to put the "why" into words. Part of my enjoyment of it is that it just "works" with my body. It feels natural and right to me. I also find the shape of it visually appealing. There are still things about Triangle that I find challenging; for instance, it's difficult for me to turn my head enough to look up at my lifted hand. The surface simplicity of the pose allows me to have a level of comfort, which further allows deeper exploration into the small details and places where I feel stuck.

"To me, yoga is an opportunity for space, peace and connection, in small moments and large ones, with myself and with others."

The outstanding lesson to me regarding the yoga practice is the word, "practice." I have been practicing for a long time, and I can look back over the stretch of years and see physical, emotional, and spiritual progress. It reminds me that small efforts accumulate over time, and that the connection to the present moment and the good work we can do there is the best way I can support and improve myself.

Sunita's Training:
  • 200hr E-RYT (Yoga Center of Medford, Medford, NJ)
  • 500hr YTT (The Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA)
  • Vishoka Meditation YTT in-progress (The Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA)

My favorite pose is sukhasana, because it allows me to be in sthiram, sukham asanum,( stable and comfortable seat) it fives me to the ability to align my body and nourish with the breath. The peaceful, tranquil quest that is so important within any other pose starts there for me.

"To me, yoga is a way of life because the physical aspects have informed the subtle aspects of my life which has led to a deeper philosophical understanding of why things are the way they are."

The practice of yoga has impacted my life in profound ways. The philosophy has been the backdrop of my life, but a more formal practice began in late 2010. It allowed me to unpack for myself what I had been taught growing up. The practice has brought not only physical aspects, but is has afforded me introspection. It has been nurturing and energizing at the same time.

Angelique's Training:
  • 200hr YTT (Yoga Center of Medford, Medford, NJ)
  • 300hr, Tier 2: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Educator
  • Yin Yoga YTT (Grace & Glory Yoga, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Levels 1 & 2 Certifications, Trauma Process Yoga Group
  • Parts 1 & 2 Leadership Training, Yoga of 12-Step Recovery
"To me, yoga is the process of aligning the body with the heart and the mind."

My favorite pose is tripod headstand because I love going upside down ... it feels so yummy!

The practice of yoga has helped me find an internal calmness and release turmoil held in the fascia and other tissues of the body.
Meg's Training:
  • 200hr YTT (Open Studio at Innerglow Yoga, Mashpee, MA)
  • 40hr Restorative Yoga Training: Module 1 & 2 (Gisele Mogan, Restore-With-Yoga, Hamilton, NJ)
  • 6hr Restorative Yoga Training (Judith Lasater, Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, Montgomery, NJ)
  • Trauma-Informed YTT (Innerglow Yoga, Mashpee, MA)
  • 16hr Reiki Level I & II (Pamela Jones, RWJ Hamilton, NJ)
  • 12hr Reiki Master-Usui Reiki Ryoho (Donna Sweeney, Yoga Soul, West Windsor, NJ)

"To me, yoga is oneness…recognizing and honoring that we are all a part of the Light."

My favorite yoga pose is a restorative version of Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall).  For me, this pose is bliss! My lower body is supported and connected to the energies of Mother Earth beneath me.  My legs are elevated by a bolster, reaching up to connect with the healing, loving energies of the Universe. I feel safe, divinely supported and loved in this delicious pose.  I also love the benefits of this pose - quieting my busy mind, calming my adrenals and improving sleep!

The practice of yoga, especially Restorative Yoga, has given me so many profound gifts.  The first was hearing a teacher say:  “Permission to love and nourish yourself!”  As an empath and a giver, I was not in the habit of receiving or offering myself self-care.  Restorative Yoga gave me numerous tools to fill my own cup!  As a dancer and dance teacher, my body was my instrument.  I pushed it, and evaluated it on a daily basis.  Yoga has taught me to honor my body, listen to its needs and respond with love and compassion.  I have made friends with my body because of yoga.  I am deeply grateful and honored to share this healing practice with others.