Dana B., Founder & Owner of Yoga Mandala

Yoga Mandala was born from Dana's desire to genuinely live an authentic, heartfelt life while inspiring and holding space for others to do the same.

After practicing law for almost 14 years, I was tired, burned out and needed something more.  Something deeply fulfilling that fostered personal growth.  Something that encouraged exposure to new people, experiences and ideas while promoting acceptance and inhibiting judgment.

Yoga was the answer!  After developing my personal practice, I took the next step and became a certified yoga teacher in order to share the gift of yoga with others!

This journey has been more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined!  From increasing my self-awareness and making more purposeful choices in my every day life to traveling around the world with new friends to experience new cultures, yoga has been life-changing for me.

I have found teachers in so many unexpected forms!  From people I ever dreamed of meeting, to the natural environment around me, I have learned lessons that cannot be found in any book.  Learning to revisit and restructure my priorities to more closely align with my personal value system has enabled me to make conscious decisions about the person I want to become and to take concrete steps toward achieving those goals!

Yoga truly has been a gift of life for me and I deeply hope to be able to share this gift with others through Yoga Mandala!

Sandy J.

Sandy, just like Dana, practiced law for a number of years before leaving the practice to focus on other pursuits, including yoga!  Prior to venturing into a yoga studio in 2013, Sandy practiced at home with videos but didn’t truly “get it.” But after that first studio class, she “got it” and then couldn’t get enough! She dove in deeply and eventually completed her 200-hour teacher training at Honor Yoga. She still can’t get enough and continues to expand her knowledge of all things yoga through frequent trainings.

Sandy takes great pleasure in helping students “get” yoga’s powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Through alignment-based asana, pranayama, and meditation, her classes create a respite from our frenetic world and allow students of all ages and stages the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and that which is greater than themselves.

Andrea B.

Andrea practiced yoga on and off for years before committing to a steady practice ten years ago. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from the Yoga Center of Medford in 2014, and has continued her education in the classroom at Lourdes Wholistic Institute in Camden as well as on the “job” teaching, where she learns from her students as they learn from her.

When she’s not on her mat, outdoors is where she finds the greatest peace and connection to self. In her practice and teaching she emphasizes a sense of self-respect and acceptance. It is her intention that you leave the mat feeling challenged, refreshed, relaxed and appreciative of who you are. It is also her strong belief that yoga is for every-body, and can be safely practiced with props and modifications and wearing just about anything! No special skills or outfits required; come as you are.

Sunita S.

Sunita is of Indian heritage and yoga has been the backdrop of her life. She received her 200 hour certification from YCOM in 2014. She is currently enrolled in a 500 hour training program with the Himalayan institute and also holds a yin certification. She has played a large role in teaching yoga teacher by teaching yoga philosophy.

Sunita is fluent in Sanskrit and brings it into her practice . She teaches yin, restorative and Hatha yoga. Walking meditation is her favorite outdoor activity!  She’s hoping to share her love for this ancient practice with as many people as she can!

Matt L.

Matt holds his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.  He enjoys connecting with
people and deepening their perception of themselves. He practices hatha yoga with an emphasis on alignment of the body and harnessing
pranayama techniques.
Matt practices meditation, utilizing the breath, mantra and communing with the divine. He enjoys teaching yoga at all levels and guiding people toward discovering a deeper self-awareness through the practice of yoga. Matt is also passionate about writing music, painting and graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts.

Angelique O.

Angelique is a fun, enthusiastic yoga instructor, triathlete and mother of 2, who found her practice while recovering from an injury.  She instantly became curious and passionate about the benefits of yoga.

Angelique creates an encouraging space in her classes, allowing students to organically explore themselves and their bodies while tuning in to their authentic selves.  She motivates her students to mindfully and playfully find the edges and bounds of their practice!  She is a lover of the outdoors and believes that yoga is accessible for all.

Her mantra? I AM CAPABLE!


Radiant Heart Yoga School:     
  • Obtained 200-hour YTT Certification
  • Currently enrolled in 300-hour YTT Certification Program
Yoga Bohemia:
  • Completed Kids' Yoga Teacher Training Program.
Exhale to Inhale:
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training
Equine Om:
  • Obtained Horse & Yoga Integration Yoga Teacher Training Certification
Yoga International
  • Essentials of Yoga Therapy
Natural Holistic Remedies Advanced Certification

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