To Love and Let Go: January 17, 2020 (6-8pm)

Yogis believe that life will keep teaching us the same lesson over and over again until we learn it. In this beautiful memoir, Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl!) shares many poignant life lessons by reflecting on events that occurred throughout her life.

From supporting her mother through struggles with mental health and tragically losing her best friend, to building the "Yoga Girl" business empire and bonding with the love of her life, Ms. Brathen repeatedly was challenged to learn to love and let go. These are two skills that we can all build and strengthen with the help of the epiphanies shared by Ms. Brathen!

This lovely story is a page-turner you're unlikely to put down!

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Start Where You Are:  March 27, 2020 (6-8pm)

Awaken your compassionate heart and cultivate fearlessness by following the guidelines in this very practical, down-to-earth handbook, which teaches us to embrace all aspects of our lives (even the challenging ones!) in order to grow in compassion, for ourselves and others.

Pema Chodron utilizes traditional Tibetan Buddhist maxims as the framework for her teachings on compassion and training the mind.  These meaningful proverbs include slogans such as, "Be grateful to everyone," "Don't malign others," "Always maintain a joyful mind," and many more.

Book club will consist of a short yoga practice suitable for all levels.  Snacks and beverages will be provided.  Please BYOBook!

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