Welcome to Crimora Mine Retreat in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!

Our private, lodge-style cabin sits atop an old manganese mine!  Don't be surprised if you find a heavy, greyish-colored stone in the rocky soil around the property - you may have stumbled upon a piece of manganese, a remnant from the property's rich past.

This special mineral was used in the production of steel and was first discovered in Crimora in the 1800s.  Nickel deposits also were located at the property, but its primary commodity was manganese.

In fact, the Crimora mine location grew to produce more manganese than any other single deposit in the United States.  During World War I, these mining operations were among the largest in the world, as its products were used in the production of tanks, ships, helmets and rifle barrels.  The mine was closed and re-opened multiple times, including during World War II and the Korean War, before production finally ceased for good in 1958.

The lakes on this and adjacent properties previously were large pits around the underground mining shafts and constitute the present-day remains of the mine.

Currently, the lakes range in depth from 20-100 feet and hide the underground shafts that connect numerous water sources in the area.