Pay less for your yoga classes when you enroll in one of our monthly memberships!

All of our Monthly Memberships Provide_(3)

Choose from 3 memberships, depending on how often you plan to practice!

UNLIMITED classes every month!(6)
UNLIMITED classes every month!(4)
UNLIMITED classes every month!(3)

Your Membership will automatically renew every month! 

Monthly memberships renew each month on an auto-pay basis.  This means that the credit card you apply to your account will automatically be billed the same amount at the same time every month.  Your membership will automatically renew at the same level (Max, Medium or Mini) each month regardless of the number of classes you actually have attended.

Store your personal yoga mat at the studio!

Our Mandala Max and Mandala Medium membership holders receive extra benefits as our way of showing our appreciation for your support and loyalty!  Max and Medium members may store one personal yoga mat per member at the studio - no practicing on a steaming hot mat in the summer or a freezing cold mat in the winter!  *Please note: while we make every effort to maintain a safe studio environment and are not aware of ANY prior incidents of theft or harm to member property, mats are stored at your own risk.

Bring 1 free guest every calendar month!

Our Mandala Max and Medium members may bring one free guest to a group yoga class during each calendar month!  Many of our members use this privilege to bring visiting family members or friends from out-of-town to class during visits or to introduce others to the practice of yoga.  *Please note: these free guest passes may only be used for group yoga classes (not private lessons, workshops or other special events), do not accrue from month-to-month, do not have any cash value and members are not entitled to monetary compensation for unused guest passes.

You can cancel or change your Level of Membership at any time!

There is NO MINIMUM TIME COMMITMENT for memberships and YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME!  If you decide to terminate your membership, we just need a few days' notice (preferably, at least a week) before your next billing date so that we have plenty of time to stop your next charge from being processed.  You can also upgrade or downgrade to a different membership at any time - we just need a few days' notice to change your membership before your next billing date.

We offer options for pausing your membership!

We understand that everyone is occasionally challenged by injuries or illnesses that require an extended amount of time to treat, heal or rest.  So don't worry -  we will happily pause your membership and preserve your locked-in rate for up to 3 months!  If you need a longer break, just reach out and we're happy to discuss an alternate resolution.  *Please note: we cannot pause a membership in the middle of one of your monthly billing cycles; rather, we will stop the charges from being processed for your next billing cycle.  *Please note: we are unable to pause or freeze memberships for a period of time of less than 1 month, which means that your membership can't be paused for relatively short absences like a vacation, a cold or sore throat, schedule conflicts or other miscellaneous things.  Management reserves the right to determine whether a request to pause can be granted; however, in the event a request to pause is declined, a membership can be terminated and restarted at the published price when the member is ready.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Refunds are not available for membership payments.
  • Classes that remain unused at the end of a billing cycle will expire - they may not be carried over to the following month.
  • Members are not entitled to receive refunds or account credits for unused classes.
  • A member's monthly billing cycle cannot be extended in order to allow a member to have more time to use his/her classes.