Yoga Class Pricing Options:

The fee for a yoga is $16/class.  If you believe that you will attend yoga classes on a regular basis, take advantage of our discounted rates, which reduce the cost of each class!

New Student Special:  $35 for 1 week of unlimited yoga

6 months of unlimited yoga:  $555

1 year of unlimited yoga:  $960

Yoga Mandala is proud to be a positive community in which our yogis can learn, grow and thrive! 

We love yogis!  That’s why we are committed to providing access to a safe space to practice; opportunities for personal development; a diverse class selection; knowledgeable, well-educated teachers; a variety of interesting workshops; and free mat rental and use of props at reasonable rates.

In addition, our  community will be provided with following amenities in the New Year:

  • a well-stocked basket of toiletries (including extra hair ties!);
  • use of our new charcoal water filter to refill your reusable water bottles;
  • use of our hand towels during practice (and laundering service);
  • use of our cooled, moistened essential oil-infused face towels to refresh yourself post-practice/during savasana;
  • use of eye pillows to enrich your savasana experience;
  • and many more things that we have up our sleeves!

Month-to-Month Memberships are now available, as well!

Monthly memberships allow both clients and the studio to engage in accurate financial planning, while securing the long-term sustainability and continuity of our special yoga community!  We have worked hard to create a membership program that provide clients with increased value when compared to class passes. 

All Members receive the following benefits:

  • discounts on workshops, book clubs, retreat pricing and all retail;
    • Mandala Max (unlimited) members receive 10% discounts;
    • Mandala Medium (8 classes/month) members receive 7.5% discounts; and
    • Mandala Mini (5 classes/month) members receive 5% discounts.
  • 1 free guest pass per month;
  • personal mat storage space at the studio – our new mat storage racks will be installed shortly – no need to lug your mat back and forth each time you visit!);
  • use of our new mat cleaning station to keep your mat clean and fresh;
  • complementary use of our new hot drink/snack station – coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. and snack station; and
  • borrowing privileges from our new little lending library.

Monthly Memberships will renew every month, on autopay, using the credit or debit card on-file for your account.  You may cancel your membership at any time with at least one (1) week’s notice.

   MONTHLY RATE YOGA  CLASSES GUEST PASSES DISCOUNTS (workshops, book clubs, retreats, retail)
MANDALA MAX $105 unlimited ($10.50 or less per class, if you attend at least 10 classes) 1/month 10%
MANDALA MEDIUM $95 8 per month ($11.88 per class) 1/month 7.5%
MANDALA MINI $70 5 per month ($14 per class) n/a 5%

A very limited number of partial scholarships are available, based on financial need.  For more information, please contact Dana at