Let's spread our yogi-love this Valentine's Day
by serving many of those who are most in need in our area!

Share the Valentine's Love!(1)

Join us as we assemble bagged lunches and cookie treat bags to support
The Unforgotten Haven's Homeless Outreach Project!

On Valentine's Day, many of us spend time with our families, significant others and friends, celebrating all of the ways love shows up in our lives.  This year, let's come together as a loving community and SHARE our love with those in need!!!

We will be assembling 150 lunches and making 50 cookie bags (with 250 home-baked cookies!) to provide sustenance and a treat for the homeless right here in South Jersey and Philadelphia.  We'll need lots of helping hands!  You can pitch in by signing up to make sandwiches, assemble lunch bags, bake cookies at home or donate the food and other supplies (bread, peanut butter, jelly, sandwich bags, brown bags, drinks, snacks/chips or cookies) that we'll need to do the job! 

The best way for us to coordinate volunteers is to use the system we already have - MindBody.  There is a free "class" listed on MindBody on for volunteers to sign up to be present on Feb 14 at 11am - just sign yourself up like you would for a yoga class, to indicate that you wish to attend.  We'll be giving a free class pass to every person who volunteers his/her time - use it for yourself or share it with a friend. 

Yoga Mandala is happily planning to provide all of the food and supplies that we need for this job.  However, if you are feeling super-duper generous and would like to help by donating food/supplies instead of your time, just let us know!  ♥