Beginning in May 2019, we will offer Wild Soul Movement classes exclusively for women!

Wild Soul Movement is a grounding, loving practice that utilizes yoga poses, meditation, mindfulness, mantra and other modalities specifically designed to help you experience and feel your body in a whole new way!

We will work to quiet the mind, discredit our inner critics and  embrace our own individual, unique inner power and intuition. By increasing the positive, high vibration energy in your body, mind and soul, you will release any negative energy that might be holding you back!

These classes provide a safe, sacred space among a beautiful community of strong women, which will encourage a shift in your awareness: to move from being "stuck" in your mind to being present in your body as you find and experience yourself in a whole new way!

Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move, as well as water and a journal and pen.

Wild Soul Movement classes will be held every Sunday from 4-5:30pm and are treated as regular yoga classes for those holding Yoga Mandala memberships.  The drop-in rate for Wild Soul Movement is $20.

Please note that pre-registration is required by 10am each Sunday for that day's class.             Please register HERE!