Don't miss out on this (FREE!) game of Yoga Bingo that lasts ALL. MONTH. LONG!

EVERYONE is welcome to play!

Challenge yourself and expand your practice as you complete the squares on your Bingo card! What a fun way to encourage yourself to sustain a consistent practice as we begin the new year!
To play along, all you have to do is let us know that you want to join in the fun! Tell your teacher at your next class OR shoot us a message. We'll hang all of the Bingo cards up in the studio. Then, you can start working your way through your squares by completing each challenge! As you complete a square, let your teacher know - we'll stamp your squares on your Bingo card and sign off on each challenge. You can complete up to 2 squares per day.
Some of the challenges involve work in the studio and some will motivate you to expand your home practice. You'll report your progress on those squares using the honor system - we trust ya! Credit for the challenges that relate to group yoga classes can only be given for classes taken at Yoga Mandala.
In addition to encouraging yourself to be steadfast in your practice, you'll also be eligible to win PRIZES!!! What prize will you earn???
  • BINGO: Make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line (5 squares) and win a BIG prize!
  • X, L, T or X: Make one of these shapes (9 squares) wins an EVEN BIGGER prize!
  • BLACKOUT: Everyone who fills the entire card wins a REALLLLY BIG prize!
All players who earn a Blackout will receive 1 entry to win our GRAND PRIZE: ONE FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED YOGA!
If the Grand Prize is won by a current Mandala Max members, we'll simply refund your next monthly payment and you'll practice for free that month!
The game begins Jan 6 and the last day to report completion of your squares will be Feb 6. 
Winners will be announced Feb 10!