Love horses?  So do we!

As a lifelong horse enthusiast and yoga teacher, the owner of Yoga Mandala combined her two loves to create our one-of-a-kind Yoga Equina division!  Yoga Equina is dedicated to providing programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern equestrian.

We offer yoga lessons for riders of all disciplines that target common problem areas, such as the hips, core and lower back.  We work with clients to build strength and increase flexibility in order to improve riding ability and increase comfort for both you and your mount.  These sessions are available as private lessons, small group classes or specialty clinics at your facility.


And we can't leave out our furry four-legged friends!  We currently offer multiple yoga and meditation programs that include horses, ponies, minis, donkeys, mules or whatever type of equine suits your fancy!

Our groundwork sessions take the form of integrated yoga, meditation and mindfulness lessons.  Students learn to truly partner with equines as we work toward coming together and feeling a sense of deep connection and unity.  Most of these sessions are unmounted, during which we participate in exercises designed to enhance the bond we share with our equines.

Whether you are overcoming difficulties in the relationship with your horse, or simply looking to become even closer to your beloved partner, this program has much to offer.  Our services have been particularly helpful to timid riders or riders overcoming fears arising out of falls or other incidents that have occurred while riding. Similarly, riders who may feel a bit intimidated by a specific mount have benefited greatly from working together with their animal during these sessions.  A truly unique, fulfilling experience occurs when humans and equines take part in this special type of interaction with one another!