Dana Yoga

Dana B.

Mandala Yoga was born as a result of my experience with professional burnout following years of practicing law, combined with my personal health journey.

My approach as a yoga teacher is informed and guided by a significant amount of professional training, as well as my own experiences with back injuries, fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues and endometriosis. As a result, my classes largely focus on guiding yogis through gentle movements and shapes designed to improve mobility and flexibility while also building strength and calming the mind.

I originally completed my 500hr Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Bohemia/Radiant Heart Yoga School in Long Beach Island, New Jersey and have since spent countless hours investing in additional training and specialized certifications in the areas of spinal health and mobility, pelvic floor yoga, prenatal/perinatal/postnatal yoga and trauma-informed yoga.


Our mission is to help people feel better by providing opportunities to comfort the body and calm the mind. 

To that end, we utilize yoga classes, workshops, written articles and other educational resources to empower our yogis to help themselves!

Core Values

I believe in the power of yoga to improve one's relationship with the body and experience within the body, even when dealing with physical challenges.  Our offerings are always guided by the following principles:

  • honoring the body

  • holding space for emotional/spiritual needs

  • providing options for personal comfort and choice