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All of our yoga sessions are specifically designed to move the body in gentle ways that provide comfort, improve mobility and build strength while also regulating emotions, calming the mind and promoting self-worth and self-acceptance.

Dana Yoga

Chronic Yoga

Our Chronic Yoga classes provide gentle sequences well-suited for people coping with chronic illness, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

Dana Yoga

Yoga for Healthy Spine

Our Spinal Health classes provide safe, simple movements designed to improve mobility in the spine and promote core strength for stability.

Dana Yoga

Pelvic Floor Yoga

Our Pelvic Floor Yoga classes provide opportunities to relax and strengthen the pelvic floor to help manage pelvic floor dysfunction.

Dana Yoga

Is yoga a good treatment for my chronic illness?

While yoga is not a cure for chronic illness, there is evidence that mind/body practices may help people relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain and fatigue and improve one's ability to cope with them.

Will yoga fix my back pain?

Yoga is no substitute for appropriate medical care and physical therapy for back problems.  However, there is evidence that supports the appropriate use of yoga to mitigate symptoms associated with chronic back pain.

Dana Yoga
Dana Yoga

Does yoga cure pelvic floor dysfunction?

Pelvic floor dysfunction should always be evaluated by medical professionals, such as a doctor and/or pelvic floor physical therapist. Yoga may be used, in conjunction with other modalities, to relax, lengthen and strengthen the pelvic floor in order to help manage symptoms.