Special Events

We offer a variety of special events to meet your needs!


Retreats offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a warm, supportive, friendly community of yogis while focusing on your own needs for an extended period of time. There's nothing quite like living your days in that lovely "yoga bubble!"

Our diverse retreat offerings span a wide spectrum of locations (providing both domestic and international choices), levels of service (from high end luxury retreats to simple camping adventures), as well as different price points, to make retreat indulgences more accessible for all.  In addition, we are happy to provide individually curated retreats for private groups!

Stay tuned for our announcements about our upcoming yoga retreats!
Here are samples of some past retreats, for inspiration!

Feeling chilly on this cold, blustery day Get yourself a dose of (Instagram Post) (Instagram Story) (Instagram Post)(2)
Winter Wonderland Eco-Adventure Retreat (Instagram Post (Square))
Copy of Camping(2)
Teal Photo Sierra Nevada Camping Twitter Post (Instagram Post (Square))
Fun in the Sun A Day Retreat for Yogis! (Instagram Post (Square))
Travel the World, Yoga Style! (Instagram Post (Square))


We offer a variety of workshops designed to deepen your knowledge and expand your awareness, in order to enhance your yoga experience.  Most workshops are open to the public, but we are also to provide private workshops to tailor the experience to your needs!

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming workshops!
Here are some examples of past workshops, for inspiration!

Awaken the Chakras! (1080 × 1080 px)
Friday, December 4, 2020 6-8pm This online workshop is $25 for members, $30 for non-members. Sign up on MindBody or email dana@yogamandalanj.com to register!
8 Limbs of Yoga
Chakra Series (Instagram Post)(2)
Gratitude Practice(1)
Ayurveda for


We offer a variety of strategies for supporting conference attendees and presenters, from yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness activities, to creating safe spaces for people to relax and process the material during the event.  Inquire to ask about custom-curated wellness support for your event!

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We're thrilled to be providing wellness support for the The Endometriosis Summit's 2023 conference: Driving Endometriosis Forward!

Our services include a Sunrise Centering movement and meditation session, as well as the creation of a Relaxation Station to support attendees coping with challenging emotions during the conference.

We're also providing our special Mindful Moment cards and have even produced beautiful Calming Kits designed specifically for this event, which contain a variety of tools: grounding exercises, mindfulness activities, sensory items and more.

Learn more about The Endometriosis Summit by clicking HERE!

Get in touch - let's chat about how we can meet your needs for customized yoga programs!